PostRank Inc. is a world-class technology company that monitors and collects social engagement events with online content in real-time across the web. PostRank gathers where and when stories generate comments, bookmarks, tweets, and other forms of interaction from a host of social hubs. Publishers and people interested in their content can then use PostRank analysis to gauge influence and reach with audiences.Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, PostRank is focused on the development of tools and services that make sense of social engagement data on the web. Founded in the spring of 2007, PostRank launched its first filtering and ranking service in July 2007 to tremendous market reception.PostRank Analytics enables bloggers and publishers to track and measure audience engagement with their content, benchmark their performance, perform competitive analysis, and grow their reach and influence over time.PostRank Connect enables agencies and brands to connect with bloggers to develop relationships, share influence and consult, and run campaigns.PostRank Data Services offer a variety of data, APIs, and reporting for online social metrics and industries to enable them to determine how their brands and competition are performing, enhance their own apps and reporting, and make smarter decisions on the social web.Google AnalyticsGoogle Acquires PostRank An Analytics Service For The Social Web | TechCrunch03/06/2011201120074Waterloo,CanadaWaterlooCanadaCanadaNon-US Companyhttp://www.postrank.com