Industrial Perception

Industrial Perception is a provider of a 3D vision based materials handling solution that utilizes standard industrial robot arms and IPI’s hardware (which is embedded in the robot’s gripper), along with the company’s 3D perception and motion control software, to locate single objects independent of size and orientation, which are then gripped and manipulated using the robot’s end effector and arm.Industrial_Perception_300IPI’s technology can be applied to a variety of applications, although much work has been dedicated to mixed case (cases of various sizes) depalletization, a common requirement in warehouses and distribution centers, and one which is difficult to automate using traditional, vision based, robotics systems. Using IPI’s technology, randomly positioned cases of various sizes and orientations are located using stereo vision, gripped and then transferred to a moving conveyor system. IPI’s technology can also be used to both load and unload trucks, including trailers that are either pallet loaded or floor loaded. The company has partnered on truck unloading demonstration projects with industrial arm maker YASKAWA Motoman and Wynright Corporation, a leading provider of material handling systems. It is conceivable that the same technology could be applied to truck loading as well. Industrial Perception’s technology is also well suited for common material handling applications such as bin picking, part transfer, machine feeding and more.Google XGoogle Acquired Seven Robotics Companies for Andy Rubin03/12/2013201320121Palo Alto,California,United StatesPalo AltoCaliforniaUnited StatesUnited StatesUS Company