Gecko Design

Gecko Design Inc. is a product design firm that focuses on engineering innovation, product quality, and attention to aesthetics. From the initial product idea to supply chain management, Gecko appreciates each client's unique needs. Every project, small or large, local or global, is approached with an unparalleled level of personalization. Founded in 1996 by Jacques Gagne, Gecko's direct approach to design has quickly become sought out by such reputable companies as Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Herman Miller. The product developers or geckos at Gecko work hand in hand with several of the top, cutting-edge industrial design firms including Fuseproject, frogdesign, and Newdeal Design. But creativity without practicality is useless in consumer product development. At Gecko, designers understand the limitations of manufacturing and can intercept potentially costly design glitches early on. The language of design and manufacturing are often divergent. Our ability to converge the two by balancing an industrial designer's organic shape with manufacturing realities allows geckos to create quality products while remaining true to the original design.Google XGoogle Acquires Gecko- Which Did Mechanical Design For The Original FitBit | TechCrunch22/08/20142014199618Los Gatos,California,United StatesLos GatosCaliforniaUnited StatesUnited StatesUS Companyhttp://geckodesigninc.com